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  1. KAPTUR Exclusive Limited Edition Merchandise: Receive unique and exclusive KAPTUR merchandise right at your doorstep.

  2. Access to Thousands of VIP Benefits, Perks, and Discounts: Enjoy a world of exclusive advantages available only to KAPTUR members.

  3. 10% Discount in the KAPTUR Store: Get a 10% discount on all your purchases at the KAPTUR Store.

  4. Additional Entries with Every Product Purchase: Each product you buy grants you extra entries towards the giveaway, increasing your chances of winning.

  5. Exclusive On-Track Passes and Product Giveaways: Gain access to exclusive offers like on-track passes and special product giveaways.

  6. No-Hassle Cancellation: You can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked!

Plus, our side seam tees are the epitome of comfort:

  • Buttery Soft Fabric: Our tees are made from ring-spun cotton and a polyester blend (60/40), ensuring a soft and comfortable feel.

  • Lightweight and Breathable: These shirts are incredibly lightweight, keeping you comfortable all day long.

  • Printed Neck Label: Enjoy irritation-free wear with our printed neck labels.

  • Pre-Laundered for Sizing Accuracy: We pre-launder our shirts to ensure they maintain their size and fit, wash after wash.

  • Durable Polyester Blend: The addition of durable polyester (40%) ensures your tee retains its form and quality.

Join KAPTUR today and experience a world of exclusive perks, high-quality merchandise, and unbeatable comfort!"

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